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The Angel Who Is Jesus - Louis Torres

  • The Angel Who Is Jesus


The Angel Who Is Jesus

What an amazing story! We all know it well. Christ, the Son of God, visited planet Earth. When He came to Earth, He didn't appear as the Son of the living God. Instead, He appeared as a newborn baby — not as a conquering King but as a helpless infant.

We know the stories of the healings, the raising of the dead, and all the miracles that are recorded in God's Word. We can follow Christ step by step through His life and finally see the gut-wrenching story of the cross. That kind of love is inconceivable. To help us understand this concept, almost every page of the New Testament has something to do with the life of Christ on behalf of you and me.

What about the Christ of the Old Testament? Did Christ interact with mankind then? This book brings out many wonderful and exciting truths about the role Christ played on our behalf in the Old Testament. From the very first book in the Bible, Christ is personally on the scene.

Also, what about the heavenly being named Michael? Who is this exulted Angel? The answer is truly amazing. These important answers and many more will make us look at the life of Christ as even more inspiring than we first thought. If you want to see the complete story of our Savior, this book is a must-read. 

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