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SALE For God So Loved The World - Complete Set (4 DVD's)

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For God So Loved The World - Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer DVD's  Music!  The age-old gift that lifts our spirits and makes us happy! Add to this the beauty of nature—the grandeur of Canada’s mountains.  Each DVD is brought to you in the seasons backdrop of colours and more. Hear these smilin...


For God So Loved The World - Complete...

SALE A Cloud of Witnesses

$25.00 $32.00

A Cloud of Witnesses: A Daily Devotional by Amazing Facts Get ready for a fantastic start each day with Amazing Facts’ brand-new daily devotional for 2017! Discover the vast treasures of God’s Word as revealed through the lives of 258 unique and fascinating Bible characters—and learn priceless li...


A Cloud of Witnesses

SALE 4 One - Closer

$20.00 $28.00

4 One - Closer Closer was born out of a deep love for music - specifically, music that brings us closer to the heart of God. Our desire is that each of the songs in this album will lead you on a journey closer to the feet of Jesus where you will find a quiet place of rest and joy. This has been o...


4 One - Closer

SALE My Bible Story Complete Set Vol 1-10

$290.00 $320.00

My Bible Story - Vol 1-10 Complete Set  Beautifully written by renowned children’s author, Arthur S. Maxwell (aka Uncle Arthur), and illustrated on almost every page. The Bible Story is one of the most comprehensively researched children’s Bible stories available, providing hours of educational p...


My Bible Story Complete Set Vol 1-10

SALE DVD My Bible Friends Full Set Vol 1-10

$34.00 $40.00

My Bible Friends Vol 1-10 on DVD Beautiful Bible Stories, essential for your children's worship and reading time. Bible Stories; Baby Moses Baby Jesus Joseph's New Coat Joseph and His Brothers Jesus and the Storm Jesus and the Children Samuel, the Little Priest David, the Youngest Boy Gos Wash in...


DVD My Bible Friends Full Set Vol 1-10

SALE The New Heart by Doug Batchelor

$54.00 $90.00

The New Heart - a 10 Part Revival Series by Doug Batchelor Worldwide pandemics and other catastrophic events in today’s headlines remind us that we are nearing the return of Christ. Are you ready? Are you sure? Whether you already have a close walk with Jesus or you’re suffering from doubt and di...


The New Heart by Doug Batchelor

SALE Mighty Men of God

$25.00 $32.00

Mighty Men of God DVD by Doug Batchelor It's a sad fact that in our secular culture, respect for dads, husbands, and men in general has reached an all-time low. The result? Disheartened men who have abandoned their godly roles, causing a moral free-fall in our country. But we can turn the tide by...


Mighty Men of God

SALE Design Of Life Collection

$43.00 $54.00

The Design of Life Collection - 3 DVD Set Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the EarthFlight: The Genius of BirdsMetamorphosis: The Beauty & Design of Butterflies Introducing the 3-DVD collection of the internationally acclaimed documentaries, Living Waters: Intelligent Design...


Design Of Life Collection

SALE Connected

$16.00 $32.00

Humanity is in a constant rush to collect and connect pieces, attempting to create the picture of success—a picture of happiness, fortune, fame, freedom. A piece of love, a fragment of friendship, a shadow of opportunity, a sliver of laughter, a taste of culture—all connect to form an exquisite p...



SALE Leaving Independence - Little Light Studios

$20.00 $72.00

Leaving Independence is an episodic feature about discovery, character growth development, and independent thinking. Dave Vixie is an eighth grade teacher out of Northern California. It is not too often that you come across an educator who is so passionate about learning that he will go to great ...


Leaving Independence - Little Light S...

SALE Answering The Call

$16.00 $32.00

Answering The Call - Fountainview Devotional   You’ve come to the end of another tough day, and things haven’t gone the way you had anticipated. No, that’s an understatement—your day was miserable! You feel weak, helpless, and empty —like a dried up sponge on a scorching summer day. That’s when t...


Answering The Call

SALE The Revive Cafe Combo NOW Includes Book 5

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The Revive Cafe Combo - Books 1-5  Book 5 Now included in Revive Cafe Combo Revive's delicious vegetarian food contains whole grains, plant-based protein, fresh product and virtually no processed sugars or flours. The majority of the dishes are also dairy and gluten free!Full page colour photogra...


The Revive Cafe Combo NOW Includes Bo...