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SALE Our Abiding Christ Bible Study Guide

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Our Abiding Christ Bible Study Guide Following the last supper and just prior to His ascension, Jesus spent time comforting His disciple telling them what the future would hold. In this discussion He shared the keys on how to experience a fulfilling and abiding relationship with Him. Our Abiding ...


Our Abiding Christ Bible Study Guide

SALE Reflections On Women's Ordination

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Reflections on Women's Ordination Are you concerned? Is there anything you could or should do about it? Before you answer, please take the time to read through this little book. You want to make the right decision at this momentous time in our churches history. May the Holy Spirit be your unfaili...


Reflections On Women's Ordination

SALE Daniel & Revelation - Secrets of Bible Prophecy

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All-new, full-colour, 84-page magazine on Daniel & Revelation! This chapter-by-chapter, easy-to-follow guide through the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation features stunning artwork and historical images and facts that reveal the true mysteries of prophecy in staggering detail and clarity. ...


Daniel & Revelation - Secrets of Bibl...

SALE The Rest of Your Life

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The Rest of Your Life - Everything You Need to Know About the Sabbath Loaded with vivid, full-color graphics and fascinating facts, this one-of-a-kind magazine reveals the astonishing truth about the seventh-day Sabbath, including its history from ancient times to the present! You’ll discover the...


The Rest of Your Life

SALE The Story of Redemption and Steps to Christ

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The Story of Redemption and Steps to Christ Sorrow filled heaven as it was realized that man was lost and the world which God had created was to be filled with mortals doomed to misery, sickness, and death, and there was no way of escape for the offender. The whole family of Adam must die.... He ...


The Story of Redemption and Steps to ...

SALE Cosmic Conflict Sharing Edition

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Cosmic Conflict Sharing Edition   Presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor, this Bible-based documentary on DVD will help you share how sin could invade a perfect world made by a loving God.Features:Powerful animations Recorded in hi-definition Audio and subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Germa...


Cosmic Conflict Sharing Edition

SALE Prophecy's Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde

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Prophecy's Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde What does the church and state debate mean for your faith today? Study the two beasts of Rev.13, and stand firm in the last days. Probably no topic has caused more fiery debate among evangelical churches and atheistic skeptics in recent years than the relation...


Prophecy's Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde

SALE Futurism's Incredible Journey

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Futerism's Incredible Journey By means of a secret rapture, millions of Christians will suddenly vanish. Snatched up to heaven to meet Christ in the clouds, they will not have to face the trials that are to come upon the earth. This disappearing act ushers in the seven-year tribulation. For the f...


Futurism's Incredible Journey

SALE Questions 4 God

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Questions 4 God presented by Tony Rykers In these two presentations Tony addresses the most commonly asked questions by people from every continent and persuasion.   1) If God is so good why does He allow so much pain and suffering? 2) Why would a good God want to see bad people burn in hell fore...


Questions 4 God

SALE Silence No More

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Silence No More by Stephanie Bowers Griffin A dark force has taken our church by storm—a false revival—boldly wrapped in the promise of an intense worship experience. Stephanie is a Bible-believing, Seventh-day Adventist Christian, yet found herself mesmerized by the spiritual formation belief sy...


Silence No More

SALE Great Controversy Bible Study Guide

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Great Controversy Bible Study Guide Merlin Beeman. Whats at stake in the war between good and evil, heaven and hell? What will happen in the end? This thorough Bible study adapted from The Great Controversy answers these and many other questions and will help you and those you share it with clear...


Great Controversy Bible Study Guide